Sustainable Practices for Boat and RV Storage

July 2, 2024

Sustainable Practices for Boat and RV Storage

At RV Park ‘n’ Protect™, we understand that planning with sustainability is the best way for things to last. When tenants choose to store their recreational vehicles with your company, in what ways are you offering sustainable storage? Sustainability initiatives are more than just “going green” for the sake of the environment; it is signaling to tenants and potential customers that not only does your company care about the world around them, but that you are always looking ahead and planning for the future.

As more and more companies jump on the green bandwagon, you can also propel your business model in this direction. Here are some ideas for you to consider for your boat and RV storage facility.

Energy Efficiency

Investing in energy-efficient lighting and sensors does more than reduce electricity usage; it cuts down on the bill, reducing the cost. It is known that green initiatives are often costly up front, with the long-term use saving money over time. Install solar panels to reduce reliance on other forms of energy.

Water Conservation

It wouldn’t be sustainable, environmentally friendly initiatives if we don’t mention water conservation. Water conservation is crucial, especially if you live in an area with moderate to severe yearly droughts. Whether you conduct business in the southwestern desert or the Pacific Northwest, partaking in water-saving practices can have an impact. Start by finding ways to collect and reuse rainwater for your facility’s maintenance and landscaping. Install low-flow fixtures with sensors and automatic shut-off valves.

Eco-friendly Materials

If you are still in the process of building your recreational vehicle storage facility or you are expanding to more locations, get in on the ground level with eco-initiatives. You are starting on the right foot by using sustainable building materials for construction or renovations. Choose non-toxic, low-VOC paints and sealants. Not just good for the environment, these simple steps can save you on repairs and maintenance by reducing initial pollution levels and maintaining an equilibrium.

You can also implement green landscaping practices. What plants are native to your area? By having these in your landscaping, you are reinforcing your love and dedication to your community. Not only are you reintroducing native plants to the area, but the wildlife that follows is crucial to the fragile ecosystem.

Waste Management

Part of thinking about long-term sustainability includes thinking about waste management. Waste is inevitable, so establishing a means to reduce, reuse, and recycle will cut down on waste. Start with recycling, having options for staff and tenants to sort their garbage to be recycled. Also, providing designated areas for hazardous waste disposal is a plus. As a facility that houses vehicles and machinery, having a dedicated way to dispose of batteries, oil, and other mechanical materials is a responsible way to combat pollution.

Green Means of Transportation

As electric vehicles rise in popularity, you can enact eco-friendly ways for tenants to rely on you for their charging needs. Start by providing electric vehicle charging stations for clients and staff. Not only should you include options for cars and SUVs, but with more electric options for RVs available, you should also look into installing stations for those. Make sure you install the correct receptacles and offer accessories, such as charging cables, for rent or free use.

Digital Solutions

As we head toward an increasingly paperless world, offering online and digital services instead of paper documents is one way to enforce sustainability. Reduce the use of paper through digital documentation and billing. Implement an online reservation system, so tenants can complete a rental online. With the latest technology, you can easily create virtual tours of your facility to be available online on your website. By providing these services, you can reduce your consumption of printed materials

Community Engagement

If you are planning on longevity within the community you conduct business in, then you should consider ways in which your company can engage meaningfully with locals. This will include sustainability initiatives. You could partner with local environmental organizations or clubs and sponsor clean-up events. You can also offer educational workshops and provide tips on blogs and social media about sustainable boating and RVing practices.

With so many ways to plan for the future, planning on how to cover incidents while in storage is something you and your tenants won’t have to worry about. At RV Park ‘n’ Protect™, we offer comprehensive boat and RV storage coverage that picks up where traditional insurance leaves off. See for yourself how easy it is to get started when you get in touch with us today.