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Off-Season Protection Tips and the Added Advantage of RV Park n’ Protectâ„¢
December 4, 2023
If you are an RV storage facility owner, you already understand the seasons of travel and their cycle. In the slower and colder months, your tenants are ready to winterize their big toys and keep them safely tucked away for warmer weather. The mutual goals of Boat and RV storage facility owners and their tenants […]
The Decline in RV Sales: An Opportunity for RV Storage Facilities Part II
November 3, 2023
In the first part of this series, we discussed the growing concerns over the decline in sales for the RV industry and how that can impact your boat and RV storage facility. In this part, we will discuss at length the additional services your facility can offer that you can use to facilitate additional revenue […]
The Decline in RV Sales: An Opportunity for RV Storage Facilities Part I
October 4, 2023
What was once a lucrative industry during pandemic times and beyond has now evened out to levels pre-pandemic. According to the RV Industry Association, RV sales have slowed down since the post-pandemic boom. However, the steady decline in sales is predicted to return to normal projections. What does this mean for your RV storage facility? […]
Coverage Breakdown for RV Park ‘n’ Protect™
September 5, 2023
Accidents happen. It is not a matter of if, but when they will happen. Dents and scratches can occur to even the most careful of drivers, and unexpected outside forces can wreak havoc in several ways. Preparing for the inevitable is sure to produce more favorable outcomes for everyone involved. RV Park ‘n’ Protect™ has […]